Facebook has said they are taking the coronavirus pandemic extremely seriously, even though they’ve laid off a majority of their content moderators and now just not reviewing posts reported, relying heavily on faulty AI they’ve programmed. Well one new conspiracy that is taking off on social media, on Facebook in particularly is some batshit crazy idea that 5G is some how connected to this pandemic and that the pandemic isn’t even real to begin with. Many videos have surfaced on Youtube, with Google taking some actions by deleting these videos but Facebook, well Facebook has no problems with these videos.


This grifter has posted many videos claiming that there is no pandemic and hospitals are not overwhelmed and severely under supplied with protection equipment and ventilators, even encouraging more assholes to go to their local hospitals to “see for themselves” which is one of the most dangerous things you could tell idiot followers to do right now. Facebook took about 30 minutes to say, nope that’s totally fine by us.