A Woman Gets Harassing Messages & Facebook Bans Her

A Woman Gets Harassing Messages & Facebook Bans Her

A Woman Gets Harassing Messages & Facebook Bans Her

This woman got a random man messaging her on Facebook, saying all sorts of unsolicited things and being hyper sexual for no reason other than he see women only as objects. She posted the messages because there is no way to report private messages on FB for harassment or abuse. Well FB told her that her post was harassment and banned her after removing the post. She requested a review saying he was harassing her and FB didn’t care because women aren’t allowed to have thoughts or opinions on their platform.


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  1. B January 5, 2019 at 2:25 am - Reply

    same exact thing happened to me yesterday. this has been going on for a couple years. guy messages me repeatedly. twice i politely turned him down. he however saw me out over the holidays and has been messaging since, i ignored him up until i got the message “you owe me. you cockblocked me.” so i set him straight to the fact that i don’t owe him or any man shit and told him if he continued his behavior he’d be getting blocked by me on FB. he responded blocking me. and i decided to post the screenshots of the convo.

    in the 6hrs before it was removed, i had several women come forward with their own stories about being continually harassed by this guy via messages. a couple girls shared their stories about being forcibly touched by him. then i started getting messages from him, friendly-ish at first, apologizing and giving the “i was drunk” excuse. then he escalated to “this is slander and illegal.” i blocked him. and then Facebook totally made light of his behavior, removed the post and sent me to jail for harassment and bullying. i “appealed” and asked for a review, took them about 20mins to again tell me i was wrong. what i did was bad. i had the option to again appeal, this time i got to send a note along and i took that opportunity to thank Facebook for basically supporting rape culture.

  2. Karen August 21, 2019 at 7:32 am - Reply

    I’m banned again because I just posted a return thread where all my friends were talking about what drivel got them banned.
    I was banned twice for calling a bunch of men at pride who were dancing sexy around a 9yearnold boy who was dresses in nothing but cut off shorts grinding his ass at them “white trash creeps who are sexualizing a child.”
    Can’t call pedophiles what they are anymore. How convenient. All protected under “queer” which is a way for men to push women, makers and protectors of kids, off to the margins.
    Facebook shelters perverts and pedophiles, protects men who harm women right up to not taking down posts where they flat out eithe threaten us or encourage others to threaten or hurt us.
    Facebook supports the silencing and erasure of women, full stop.
    I’ll be happy as fuck when that corporation falls and the leaders get their come uppance.

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