On March 17th, 2020, while the entire world is suffering from a global pandemic and the US is struggling to understand the difference between fact versus fiction and conspiracy theorists are weaponizing the internet during this new awful reality we live in…well Facebook decided to not only send their human content moderators home and not pay them, Facebook also decided that it was the perfect time to replace humans with an AI algorithm to remove disinformation on their platform. Just one tiny, little itty bitty problem…Facebook made their algorithm to attack legitimate news sources and remove at mass any and all content relevant/related to the coronavirus aka COVID-19, and well it went as successful as it was programmed to be.

Now, Facebook claimed this was a mistake and a glitch in their spam algorithm that they then “fixed” however, it seems awfully coincidental that this “glitch” happened the same day they sent home all their human content moderators without pay? Also, the algorithm had to have been programmed to find and remove the content so the glitch was either a poorly written code that was not properly tested to make sure it worked as planned OR the code was just written to find any and all content related and relevant to “coronavirus” and/or “COVID-19” without caring whether or not that meant removing legitimate news sources and publishers on Facebook’s platform. Regardless of what Facebook says, this “glitch” is not an innocent mistake nor is it fully resolved at this date and time this is posted. Facebook is a virus to society and democracy.