Earlier this week, I tried sharing a post on my Instagram, which is private, trying to raise more awareness about our cause here by using a screenshot from the Facebook Jailed home page. I captioned it with asking if anyone had similar experiences to contact me via the site along with putting the url in at the end. In less than 2 hours I was given notice that a post of mine was removed for violating standards but Instagram didn’t show me said post only a washed out blurriness assumed to be the post in question. Since it was the only thing I shared that day it was easy to deduce which post was deleted and sure enough it was the Facebook Jailed screenshot.

Fast forward 2 days later after Instagram updated so you can follow hashtags I was scrolling through one and find this post from 5 days ago and standing which not only shows the home page of my Facebook Jailed site and a headline from one of the many articles but has a caption which clearly is attacking women and tags an account created to hate women. Facebook must be using the same moderators for monitoring both platforms.