Facebook can’t seem to understand how speech works and how humans often use speech to express their emotions. Women being told that they cannot speak out against the violent toxic rape culture that encourages male violence towards women only perpetuates and enables this violence against women. Facebook wants to pretend that a post such as this one is an attack against the entire male gender when in fact quite the opposite is literally happening. Not only is deeming this post “hate speech” allowing violence against women to continue but it further attacks the epidemic of violence against black women in America. Black Women, Native Women, and Undocumented Women are disproportionately victims of domestic violence and rape by men. And no, Facebook, that statement that does not mean nor should it ever be interpreted as “all men”. Seeing how many posts like this one getting auto removed by Facebook is an embarrassment, as well as being tragically depressing knowing that one of the most influential tech giants like Facebook can so easily erase women’s voices and get away with it like they are actively doing.