On a thread where racists spewed disgusting hate at Josie, Facebook came swooping in to remove the hate filled posts….Of course not! Facebook rewarded the racists by giving Josie a 30 day ban for correctly calling out the media for what they do EVERY SINGLE TIME the shooter is white, justify the whiteness and blame mental illness so ignore the real problem is white men with guns.

This is just a taste of what she had to get thrown at her yet none of those comments were not so surprisingly found within Facebook’s community standards.

Weird how Josie comment is SOOOO offensive while calling a black woman “black thug” or any other insult you want while white is totes fine with Facebook! That wasn’t the only comment Josie got removed either…

So “white devils” is a no no, but the n word, “black thug”, and “hippo”are all fine for Facebook violating none of their hate speech or harassment rules. And on that same thread Josie’s friend chimed in with the Michael Jackson popcorn meme, slightly edited to show the ignorance of those racists commenting, only to get slapped with a 30 day ban as well. Because again, when black and brown people speak Facebook must shut it down.