Men Are Pigs vs Women Are Pigs

Men Are Pigs vs Women Are Pigs

Men Are Pigs vs Women Are Pigs

One FB user was able to perfectly sum up how FB prioritizes content moderation on their platform.

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  1. A. Chance December 14, 2018 at 9:21 am - Reply

    sooo I literallyjust got banned for a sarcastic comment made on a comment. He was explaining to someone why men have nipples even though they don’t breastfeed. I sarcastically said: so men are mutants lol they literally cut off part of my comment too!! I can’t prove that part but I do have a screen shot of the excerpt facebook sent me. I will definitely be spreading word about this. What if all women for a day made it their status?? How their fragile little egos would explode with their heads.

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