Criticizing Republicans Is Now Hate Speech

Criticizing Republicans Is Now Hate Speech

Criticizing Republicans Is Now Hate Speech

A comedian posted an article on his Facebook from The Hill which he captioned with a joke about Chuck Grassley. Well Facebook decided a joke about old af Grassley was “hate speech” and removed the post within 12hours of posting.

After requesting a 2nd review from Facebook, Facebook promptly notified him that his post was in fact “hate speech” and the post would not be restored. It’s nice to know that when a Muslim woman elected was sent death threats via her Facebook Page, FB said those threats weren’t legit because she was a public figured, however, when dinosaur Chuck Grassley gets his feelings hurt on FB then it’s “hate speech”.

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  1. Alana VanDervoort May 16, 2019 at 1:18 am - Reply

    I’ve given up on Facebook.
    I’ve been put in Facebook jail for increasingly ridiculous reasons, like calling a white supremacist “white trash” in a comment.
    Because “white trash” is hate speech.
    I guess I can see how I was shaming poor white people (even though I AM a poor white person.)
    Then, I was put in timeout for talking back at to a man who was harassing multiple women, including me. His profile photo was of a topless man.
    I said “Nobody wants to see you topless, you greasy incel.”
    Jailed for targeted harassment.
    But his comments, calling women cunts and bitches? Not against community standards.
    I’ve reported people when they go too far, like calling me a fat bitch, saying I should’ve aborted my children, and threatening to come to my house and beat me.
    None of those reports “went against community standards.
    But my comment to a prolifer, who argued that women should be executed for having abortions, was apparently a bridge too far.
    I said “If you’re not here, who’s jerking off in your mom’s basement?”
    30 day ban.
    I am so sick of this shit.

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