Where do I even begin with this post getting removed? First you gotta laugh at how fragile and sensitive Facebook reviewers must be, since FB has repeatedly said a human reviewer must delete a post during the review process. First of all, no one is coming for you gad damn guns, so stop with the paranoia dudes. Seriously, the sensitivity men have around their stupid, precious guns is literally murdering America!!

And secondly, if FB reviewer who reviewed this post was working in America, then they would absolutely know that this post is being made in reaction to the Parkland high school terrorist attack that happened on February 14th. The reviewer would also know that this post is being made in jest in a satirical way if the reviewer was working in America. There would just be zero chance of a person in America during this time to not understand the reasoning behind someone posting such a comment like this with how much news coverage and attention surrounding the terrorist attack at Parkland high school.

Again, this is when context matters. The best way to stop fake news/conspiracy stories, and hate speech from spreading is knowing how to identify it. You can’t take things out of context and expect reviewers to understand properly what text is hate and what is not. Also, when reading text out of context when text already is devoid of tone, you are setting up a system to fail and this is exactly why Facebook has such a hate speech problem and fake news problem because Facebook never set up a real system to properly monitor content.