Since the roll out of the newly written community standards rules that Facebook published after the public backlash over data harvesting and Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing, FB went out of their way to essentially redefine what “hate speech” is and how it should be determined on their platform. In their shiny new packaged CS rules they published, they wanted to make clear that they do not tolerate any type or form of harassment, hate speech, and/or abusive content, they even went into great detail on how any kind of insinuation of calling someone or dirt, trash, bacteria, or feces was strictly prohibited by FB’s rules. Basically what FB did was, instead of acknowledging what every reasonable person in America understands what hate speech actually is, FB decided “hey let’s make everything hate speech and just keep enforcing the rules so only white men are protected like we’ve always done and call it a fix?!”

Because here’s what FB actually means when they put in their CS written polices that using “trash” or synonyms thereof isn’t against community standards therefore hate speech:

So all these posts which were removed by FB and deemed “hate speech” all have 1 thing in common, they all “men” in them. However, when you make a post calling any one else who isn’t considered a “straight white man” trash then weirdly, FB seems to have a different response to what their own hate speech rules are.

Huh?? ain’t that funny how when it’s not a woman calling out sh*tty men on FB then suddenly FB couldn’t care less about calling others “trash” on their platform. What. a. mystery!