An open and self described white supremacist group has a Facebook Page that Facebook has yet to find in violation their community standards for hate speech.

Fun how it only takes less than one hour for Facebook to decide that a page openly calling themselves a white supremacist group doesn’t violate any of Facebook’s community standards. Ya know, the same standards which claim that white supremacist groups aren’t allowed on their platform, but what are standards anyways?

But what Facebook DOES consider hate speech and hate symbols which violate community standards is this harmless photoshopped photo

You know, after reading Facebook’s explanation of what they consider hate symbols and comparing it to a group which says they are a white supremacist group, it really makes sense as to why Facebook would go out of their way to program an algorithm to removed a snarky men definition meme but keep the AltLibertarian Page active with sponsored content. Facebook really gets what hate and hate speech is, great job Facebook!